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Need to rent your property? Regardless of whether you possess one property or are in charge of a whole portfolio, Tulsa Burg is the correct decision for you

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Tulsa Burg is a hybrid estate agent. Our main goal is essentially to make renting a property more convenient, more secure with a lower cost without trading off the quality of the service. We have consolidated the high street estate agent with our one of a kind online infrastructure. We have wrinkled the greater part of our knowledge into our much-adored company, we have an extraordinary scope of aptitude to help you in a wide range of a property exchange, from the most emphatic of property investors to the most unexperenced landlords.

All our diligent work has genuinely been advantageous as our endeavor has turned out to be a major achievement in a short space of time. We are to a great degree content with what we’ve achieved a short space of time and we really trust you’ll be happy with our services and will help us with developing. Selling/renting your property should be simple, low-cost, easy and risk-free.

You can feature your property online to a huge number of prospective tenants without the hefty expenses. We want to make the procedure simple, transparent and give intensely evaluated bundles to suit all financial plans.

Much thanks to you for going along with us, We believe you will be fruitful selling/renting your property using our online platform.

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Use our business to inspire and connect people.

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In the event that you have an inquiry, or you are prepared to sell/rent with Tulsa Burg, kindly don't delay to connect. You can send us an email and we will hit you up as quickly as time permits.