What are the steps to letting my property?

To get Started, Please upload your property details and then browse our handy manual guide to getting started with your property rental. it has been designed to assist you to make the most of our fixed priced service.


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Add Listing

Add listing with Tulsa Burg using (add your property)

Service Level

Tulsa burg offers a selection of services to suit any Landlord; whether or not you'd prefer to hand over the keys and allow us to take care of everything or you simply rather manage your own let. just select your required service package.


Upload your property with 2 easy steps.

Our specialist team member can then check the listing and make any alterations if they feel its necessary


Once it has been approved by our team member, we will start marketing your property immediately.

Handling Enquiries

Once we receive enquiries from your prospective tenant, we'll handle all enquires and organize viewing on your behalf, then send the enquiries to you via SMS or email.


You can then liaise and prepare viewing with the potential tenants directly or if you prefer to set back and allow us to take care of everything, depending on the service level you have selected.

Tenancy Agreement

We can then prepare tenancy agreements, referencing and more as and when needed.


We on hand to support you at each stage of your let simply provide us with a call.

Are you ready to rent smart?

Want to know more?

Check out, our services and pricing. We’ve tried to cover everything, however, if you have more questions, simply send us a message.